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Our Mission

We are a community for people. Our main goal is helping people and our community. Whether you need immigration help, dealing with addiction, need math tutoring, guitar lessons, family therapy, we offer it all. Through our services we help those in need.

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What we Believe


God is creator of the universe and author of life. God is spirit, and therefore, is timeless...


Jesus, the eternal Son of God, exists uncreated and is equal in deity with the Father...


The Bible, containing Old and New Testaments, inspired word of God...
Pastor Rubik Hoospian

Pastor Rubik Hoospian

Pastor Rubik Hoospian is the founder of Mehr Community Center helping immigrants and the new generation for over 3 decades. The messenger of Hope 2023.
The millennials and immigrants have lots of challenges ahead of themselves. Lots of families are struggling with their kids addition and are facing a disconnect from their kids.
Our Goal :

At Mehr Community Center, we are committed to empowering the new generation and immigrants, providing a nurturing environment where individuals can thrive, grow, and achieve their dreams. Our center is a vibrant hub of diversity, bridging cultures and creating a sense of belonging for all who walk through our doors.

Love :
Whether you are a millennial seeking guidance, dealing with addiction, or an immigrant navigating a new country, we have an array of services to support you on your journey

For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?
stephen Grace

Salvation is there

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I'm New Here

I was totally lost when I went to Mehr Community Center. They  simply saved my life and put me on the right track and now I am successful in my life. Don’t wats a second and just contact them and they will help you too. 

Farzad J. 

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